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The DUI attorneys at the San Diego DUI Lawyer Pros have over 50 years of combined legal experience and have litigated over 1,000 criminal and DUI cases in San Diego County. The San Diego DUI Lawyer Pros are a group of aggressive, ethical and experienced DUI attorneys who not only have experience defending citizens who have been arrested, charged and convicted of DUI, but have actually worked for the San Diego County District Attorney’s office as DUI prosecutors. Who else could better represent you against the District Attorney’s prosecutors than somebody who has worked with them?  The advantage of having an ex District Attorney prosecutor defending your DUI case is obvious. The fact is they have experienced all of the ins and outs of how The San Diego District Attorney office prosecutes DUI arrests in San Diego County. With this type of experience on your side you have the best chance to gain a favorable result in your case.

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The San Diego DUI Lawyer Pros team is multilingual and culturally diverse. Our lawyers have years of experience in multiple areas of law and some of our team members even hold law degrees from different countries around the world. Our attorneys speak Spanish and their assistants – Russian and German.  Our staff and lawyers can relate to many cultures and have the diversity to communicate in several languages to make you feel more comfortable.

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Probably the most important thing is our incredible attorneys, paralegals and administrative staff at the San Diego DUI Lawyer Pros are dedicated to providing you with quality service, timely responses to your phone calls and emails, and keeping you up-to-date with exactly what is going on with your case. The administrators and paralegals at the San Diego DUI Lawyer Pros understand that your life is in the balance. We also understand that the possibility that you may be losing your license, having to perform community service and/or spending time in jail can cause an immense amount of stress, anxiety and doubt in your life. Our compassionate staff also understands the potential financial strain you are dreading due to potential fines, DUI classes, and the significant increase in your automobile insurance premium each month. So let us do the heavy lifting, allow us the opportunity to represent you and get you a positive result and relieve a lot of the stress you’re currently going through. The aggressive, ethical and experienced attorneys at the San Diego DUI Lawyer Pros will fight for the absolute best result achievable underneath California laws.

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Again you only have 10 days to file for a DMV hearing to save your license and driving privileges. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your DMV hearing and give us a Call now at (619) 821-8227 for free consultation. Pick up the phone and save yourself potentially thousands of dollars, hours of community service and potential jail time.

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